Friday 10 January 2014

And so, farewell...

That's it from Lindchester for a while.  I'm now in the midst of editing the whole year's worth of instalments into something that more closely resembles an actual novel.  At the end of the the month I will submit this to SPCK, so that they can get it ready for publication this coming August.

This means that I will be removing Acts and Omissions from this blog, everyone.  You have till the end of January to enjoy it in this form, and then you must wait for the published version (real paper book for Luddites, eBook for those who prefer to read electronically.)

It's been a fun year of writing.  We will be back in Lindchester at Easter to see what they've all been up to.  By which time they will be in the midst of trying to appoint a replacement for Paul Henderson.  And I understand that the senior lay clerk, who is a tenor, will be retiring.  Which will create another vacancy for an aspiring young tenor to apply to...


  1. Fabulous! Easter can't come too soon. And I am SO in line for both ebook and paper version.

  2. Just read the whole lot at one sitting. Brilliant stuff. Thank you.